Who are the Friends?
The Friends of Millom Ironworks LNR was formed in 2005 by a group of volunteers with an interest in the reserve to encourage more local involvement, provide better access and help people to understand why the site is important. The Friends group has an honorary secretary, chairman,  treasurer and general members and meets twice a year. Three ‘Friends’ are also members of the Management Group.   

What do the Friends do?
Friends volunteer their time to help: look after the reserve - mostly in organised small working groups; promote the LNR; raise funds.
The Friends’ Wildlife Group carries out surveys of the birds, flowers, butterflies, bumblebees, reptiles and amphibians found on the reserve, reporting findings to the County Ecologist. Members of the Friends group also contribute their ideas on how the reserve can be improved and best managed  for the benefit of people and wildlife.

  Friends learn about wildlife on the nature reserve
Friends learn about wildlife on the nature reserve.