Once the largest source of employment in Millom, the ironworks were closed in 1968, leaving nature gradually to take over.  Orchids began to bloom, skylarks and pipits built their nests and a breeding colony of rare and protected natterjack toads became established.  You may be surprised to know that today the site supports some 20 bird species, 17 butterfly species and 10 bumblebee species in addition to toads, frogs, newts, lizards, stoats and many wildflower species – some of them rare. 

Because of its importance as a wildlife habitat and a local community asset, in 2002 the site was designated a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) – one of only two in the whole of Cumbria.  The land is owned by Copeland Borough Council and Cumbria County Council.
A Management Group oversees the interests of the LNR and agrees the management of the site as a place to support wildlife and for people to enjoy. 

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The Natterjack Pond Millom LNR